Going on a pilgrimage is a very personal journey. You alone know what is in your heart!

There are many beautiful holy places in Argyll. Places that date back to the time of St Columba and indeed before where you can experience that inner peace and solitude.

Columba’s Trail can offer to take you on your own personal spiritual journey. I know the spots that will inspire and those that will give healing and spirituality.

If this is something you have had at the back of your mind for some time, join me and I will take you in the footsteps of both saints and pilgrims.

“Every saint has a past, ever sinner has a future!”

St Columba

Born over 1,500 years back and still famed to this day in both Scotland, Ireland and throughout the western world. His tale takes in our language both in Irish and Scottish Gaelic and from which much of our present day culture has evolved. You only have to look at the majority of Argyll place names to see the ever presence of our beautiful Gaelic language.

Calum Cille

Calum Cille (his Gaelic name) was from a powerful family in the north west of Ireland and in 563 he sailed away from Derry and travelled over to Argyll. Looking for a place to found a monastery in Scotland where he hoped to continue to spread his Christian faith he eventually set up on the beautiful island of Iona. It became one of the most famous monasteries in Europe.

The Book of Kells

It is said the famous illustrated manuscript, the Book of Kells was written on Iona. It was spirited back to Ireland when the marauding Vikings decided Scotland was rich picking grounds on their travels around the world.


2 thoughts on “Pilgrimage

  1. Christine has a genius for guiding. We just completed a 10-day pilgrimage in Argyll with her, following in the footsteps of St. Columba. Each day took us step-by-step from Columba’s landfall, to his cave, and on to abbeys, castles, and remote locations, such as a lighthouse at the foot of a steep hill. Christine’s van (affectionately known as Columina) made the experience comfortable. Tea by the roadside after a climb up an ancient hill fort site or returning from Iona are sweet memories. Many thanks, Christine, for this deeply spiritual adventure!

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